Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Book Giveaways!

There's nothing more amazing than book giveaways! Especially when it's applicable for those in the US and International (so so rare!) and the giveaways include Pretty Little Liars (first four) as the first prize! Makes my heart thudthudthud already since I want it soo badly! Especially since the books aren't available where I live.. Only the first book was! Read the others with a lot of difficulty and I'm now waiting for Heartless, hoping to pre-order it from Amazon or something.

But I'd love to get my hands on the first four! Everything from the barbie Aria-Emily-Hanna-Spencer on the front covers, fast-paced storylines and the fact that the characters are well-developed and that it's so teen Desperate Housewives makes the series appealing! The other books on the giveaway list sound amazing too! And the fourth prize is this:

Book Tote

So pretty, right?

The giveaway is courtesy Extreme Book Reader Reviews.


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